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Thursday, September 9, 2010

All my Single Ladies...Put your Marc Bags UP...(and you know the ones in relationships too)

My friend Amy and I have been obsessed with Marc Jacobs hand bags for quite some time.  When we were both single, our Marc bags were our "arm candy", or maybe even a "special companion".  It brought us confidence when we walked into a room alone, it kept us company on our trips to the grocery store, and on those lonely shopping trips when you would have to eat lunch alone, he took the seat right next to you. Now this was obviously a silly little inside joke, but it kept us laughing even through tough times. Amy would love to photograph her bag riding in the shopping cart, or sitting across the table and then send it to me, and we would laugh and giggle.  We would joke around with my now boyfriend Matt, who bought me the over-sized Hobo Hillier Bag from Barney's last Christmas, that the bag would be taking the front seat in the car from now on because it was my new love.  These fun and silly antics are why I love Marc Jacobs so much, and if you can design a bag that can take on a persona, you may as well be a fashion god in my opinion.

This blog post is a tribute to my all time favorite fashion designer - Marc Jacobs. Today is the kick off for New York's Fashion Week, and the most anticipated show will be his. Taking a look back to early winter 2010 at New York's Fashion Week for the upcoming fall, Marc's show was breathtaking.  His idea of menswear for women was my absolute favorite among all of the other designers.  Also his metallic dresses at the end were amazing! The show itself was awesome; it took us back to a more simpler time, when women were a bit more conservative and a lot less flashy, when glamor and beauty really emerged... not to mention the nostalgia attached to the tune "Somewhere over the Rainbow" that he had playing in the background! It was one of my favorite fashion shows ever. This leads me to be even more eager to see what he's gonna pull out for Spring!

***This Sunday will be the due date for my first challenge!  Tune in to check out what I came up with!***


  1. Did you end up going to IFB? I thought it was really informative. What did you think if you went?


  2. I did not end up going, I waited until the last minute to get my ticket and got wait listed. Oh well, maybe next year!