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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interview with Kristie Bergey- Executive Director for Philadelphia Fashion Week

With Philadelphia Fashion Week right around the corner, I thought I might get a little more acquainted with the idea behind this epic artistic movement, and interview Kristie Bergey, the Executive Director of Philadelphia Fashion Week. Kristie was lovely enough to oblige and we had a wonderful conversation about the thoughts and people behind Philadelphia Fashion Week.

My first thought about this event was - Where did this idea even begin?

Kristie Bergey, Charles Smith and Michael Anderer have been in the business of fashion for many years and artists as well. At the age of 15, Kristie started out at Anderson Little in the Montgomery Mall when she decided that retail was everything that she loved about work and decided that it would be her calling. She absolutely loved the sales aspect of the job, and creating relationships with customers and helping them to look and feel great. After working at Anderson Little, she helped open Bath and Body Works first home store. She then became a retail consultant, and is now an event planner for her own company, The KB Experience. Charles Smith is a photographer for his own company, Lucca Photography, and is the co-founder of CMK Entertainment. Michael Anderer is the buyer and manager of Matthew Izzo, and has been for the last 6 years. All of this talent crossed paths to create this fashion event and we are so glad that they did!

When the idea finally pulled together, they decided that fall 2009 would be the first annual Philadelphia Fashion Week. Even though the economy had hit rock bottom that year, Kristie said "it worked out well because it was a good time to barter." 2009's show fashioned off designer brands that local stores carried; the tag line was - 'Who we are, and what we wear'. This year they have decided to bring in designers from all over the world and show local boutiques great brands that they can carry in the future. This event is about three successful business people, and artists, giving back to Philadelphia's artistic community.

Kristie feels that the most anticipated show will be Autumnlin, a haute couturier inspired by dreams and the flow of emotion. Autumnlins’ gowns are reminiscent of the past, but with an interesting edge. The work of Autumnlin is very detailed and absolutely beautiful. Kristie is also very excited for student night, which takes place on Thursday October 7th. Not only will college students show off their work on the runway but high schoolers will as well. Kristie is very supportive of our youth, and does work with groups such as the local Girl Scouts. The little ladies decided to have a ‘Project Runway Weekend’, and Kristie was there with Kristin Haskins Simms to kick it off!

Philadelphia has a tremendous future in fashion with these amazing people at the helm. I am excited to be apart of this fashion forward movement and hope to one day have a stronger influence on it as well. Thanks to Kristie Bergey for taking the time to speak with me, and for being apart of creating this exciting event!

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