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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Menswear for Women

Menswear for women is my favorite look for fall. This blog is about how to stay fashion savvy while being casual, and menswear for women is the perfect solution for this problem. Not only is it the perfect solution for casual-wear, it's also incredibly comfortable and non-restrictive. My favorite piece is the oversized pant, extremly reminicent of the 1930's and 40's Zoot Suit bottoms with the top of the pant oversized, and the pant legs tapered. It's a really great look!

The Mens Oxford shoe has made a glorious comeback, but this time in women's fashion. It's a great shoe to pair with the menswear pant. The best styling advice I can give you for this look is to tuck and roll the legs a little bit, belt the pant and match it with a sweater of some sort. There should always be feminine touches added to the "menswear for women" look, maybe a headband with a bow or a feminine top.

I have decided that my next task will be a "menswear for women" pant, I have never made a pant before, so this should be fun.

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