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Monday, July 26, 2010

Casual Fashion Icons

Audrey Hepburn - Casual Fashion Icon

Audrey Hepburn was an amazing fashion icon. She pulled off stylish-casual greater than anyone in Hollywood. We look to her today to set trends and it was clear a few years back that she was the inspiration behind the skinny pant. She always wore pearls and was more fabulous and feminine than any Hollywood starlet.
In 2006, Gap's Advertising campaign for Skinny Pants was Audrey Hepburn's movie "Funny Face" made in 1957. If you plucked Audrey Hepburn out of this movie and put her in the streets of Manhattan, she would fit right in!

Casual and yet extremely Classic-Clearly!

Teeshirt and Pearls loves Audrey!

Friday, July 23, 2010

This is how I do....Part two

Lesson 2: Don't skimp on the statement pieces.

If your going to wear an outfit only once, don't spend tons of money on it. It's just silly unless you have unlimited funds. For girls who are on a budget, only spend your money on things you can continuously rock. Such as your handbags, shoes, jeans, and accessories.

You should always spend a little dough on a handbag. You take it with you everywhere, not only is it style but it serves a purpose as well. It's the most important part of your wardrobe, and important things should not be shorted.

Your shoes and boots are also something you shouldn't be cheap about. They are a symbol of your style and protect your feet. As a busy working girl you need to be comfortable and stylish, and that doesn't come cheap.

Every girl needs three pairs of jeans to survive. Those jeans need to be trendy and sturdy because they're the most used item of clothing in your closet. Do your research on these so-called "high-end" brands of jeans, because every Seven for all mankind jean that I have ever owned tore within the first week. I don't spend lots of money on jeans for them to tear. I recommend James Jeans because they have great shaping, style and are very well made.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories, I talk about them way to much, I know-but it's important! A good watch is always needed, and its cool to drop a few bucks on one. Fine jewelery is nice if you like it, but not always necessary. Fun, and funky jewelery designers such as Love Heals, Iosselliani, and Erickson Beamon, design amazing statement pieces. They aren't exactly cheap, but just one great piece of jewelery is all you need.

Save your pennies ladies and really appreciate the important part of your closet.

More lessons coming right up...

SJP in Erickson Beamon

Iosselliani Rings are my Favorite

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is how I do.....

I am a regular girl. I do regular girl things such as, clean, work, and socialize. I don't have tons of money and I can't go shopping like the Olsen Twins. I have bills that need to get paid and my life isn't a fantasy, fashion dreamworld. I live in the real world, and I am a regular girl. So you may ask, how does a regular girl stay looking like an extraordinary one? I am here to share my secrets, on how to keep it real -for a deal!

Lesson One : Just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean it has to be cheap---and give you hives.

For all the people that keep places like "The Deb" and "Mandee's" still in business, shame on you. I think they stopped following fashion trends in 1998, and the clothing quality is disgusting. There is just no reason for anyone to go into those places when we have fabulous inexpensive stores like H&M, Forever 21, and even Target. All of these stores are filled with fabulous trends at amazing prices. Just the other week I bought 3 hot, cotton, mini-skirts for $18.00-altogether. I bought two amazingly, wild mini-dresses at 12 bucks a pop! How can you beat that?! Let's keep up with our money and stay cool, acknowledge the difference between inexpensive and cheap.

More lessons to follow.....

Roberto Cavalli for H&M, Really? and you're shopping at The Fashion Bug?!

Oh and Alexander McQueen for Target!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Philadelphia Fashion Week Happy Hour at the Londonbury

Thursday evening turned out to be quite the event. Philadelphia Fashion Week hosted a happy hour at the Londonbury in Conshohocken and it was a blast. The Philadelphia Designer brand and boutique, SA VA was presenting fabulous fashions while tons of fashionistas admired the work. It was quite the party with great music, amazing finger-food, and the 'skinny-tinis' were delicious. The ambiance of the Londonbury's banquet room and beautiful pool made it an amazing summer evening we will never forget.

SA VA is located at 1700 Sansom Street in Philadelphia, PA.
Designer Sarah Van Aken began the company in 2005 and has based her business on social responsibility. All products are produced in the U.S.A and are 90% eco-friendly. The brand is centered around community - only hiring locally, and participating in non-profit organizations such as The Career Wardrobe and The People's Emergency Center. As for the fashion itself, it's incredibly edgy and feminine - draping styles, and the female form play a huge role in this collection. Global inspirations combined with Philly's urban style is the beauty of SA VA. Check them out at

We'd like to thank the people of Philadelphia Fashion Week and SA VA for hosting such a wonderful event, and we hope to see more of them in the future!

New Tee Shirt and Pearls Friends

My Friends and Me!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Casual Evening Option

Dressy Shorts

Summer is just the time to be overly busy in your social life. It seems that every weekend there is a party of some sort and it’s important to have plenty of evening options in your wardrobe. Just because we are getting all dolled up doesn’t mean we can’t stay a little casual, clearly not recommended for a black tie event, but for just another summer Saturday night out, it will do just fine.

Dressy Shorts are the casual evening option. The shorts can have sequins, ruffles, metallics, and very unique designs. Paired with a fun top, belt and a cool cardigan, you have yourself a look that could take on the night. The more unique your options are, the dressier the look becomes. Wearing just a plain dress short with a plain blouse is boring, but add sequins to the short, a ruffle to the shirt and an animal print cardigan and you’ll look like a rock star. Boyfriend blazers could even take the place of the cardigan to really feel like your rockin’. Let’s not forget about the accessories, every tee shirt and pearls girl knows never to skimp on the accessories. For this particular casual look I would go with a chunky necklace matched with plenty of bangles, and an oversized ring. The heels should be high and you could even throw on some sheer tights to dress it up even more. This is a great casual look that will be cute and cozy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Casual Girl seeks Casual Bag

Your handbag is a symbol of your personality. If you care about status symbols, owning an Herm├Ęs bag would be the pinnacle. If you want your bag to say something about your creativity, you might choose Marc Jacobs. If you want your bag to say something about your beliefs as an individual you may choose a vegan or organic bag. If you just don't care about your bag, you will most likely purchase a cheap bag that's trendy or an expensive bag that is far from aesthetically pleasing, but sturdy and serves a purpose. No matter which one of these categories you might align with, your handbag says a little something about you.

I have been selling handbags to women for years, and it's definitely the biggest wardrobe decision. Women will ponder for weeks about a handbag because it's the most utilized piece in your closet. It's important to know what you like, and what you need, because each of these play a major part in this particular decision. Here are a few favorites for our fashion savvy casual girl.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Perfect for running around

Convenient and Cute! Jerome Dreyfuss - Over the shoulder and very exotic!

Derek Lam bucket bag and Alexander Wang's Donna Hobo - who doesn't love a slouchy hobo?