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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A little Personal Styling

A few looks for summer.

Floral Prints, we love them. Long Blouses over shorts really spice up the look.

A basic white tank matched with a fun skirt, this is the essences of casual fashion. Turning anything that maybe plain into something fabulous just by layering is crazy fresh and easy to accomplish. Accessories are everything.

How 'bout them cowgirls....we just went over this, no need to repeat. Just love it.

The Boyfriend Blazer is a fun addition to a cool night. Roll up them sleeves and embrace the better part of 80's fashion.

Ripped up, rolled up and paired with a vest, boyfriend jeans just the way we like 'em.

The Shirt Dress, super sexy and super versatile. Dress it up or dress it down, either way you'll be comfy and stylin'.

Thank You my Amy for being a beautiful model :o)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Country is everything that is casual fashion. Vogue this spring was all over this new trend. With celebrities like Taylor Swift and famous designers like Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, they are showing us how to get down with the hoedown. From French country to American country fashion is jumping on board.

Floral Prints are where we begin with country chic. Pastel colors, with a constant floral print that's soft and sheer for blouses, dresses, and skirts. Chanel is showing a lot of floral as well with French country however, they are showing
individual flowers with lots of detail. Oddly enough red, white, and blue is their color palette.

Summer Dresses paired with cowboy boots are a paragon of country chic. Taylor Swift is known for it and she pulls it off really well. Country chic is all about being soft, charming and delicate, quite the opposite of urban chic which is very edgy. Nothing wrong with a little country charm.

Denim is classic country. Skinnies and denim shorts can be matched with cowboys boots to complete the country look.

Country is comfy and casual with a whole lot of "girly" and a little bit of rock and roll. Take a relaxing venture to the country side, crack open a beer, and party like Swift.

Always remember the southern mentality as spoken by Miranda Lambert "We're just like you, only prettier".

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Put your jeans on a diet and get SKINNY

Skinny Jeans are the absolute coolest. I love everything about them. Paired with an over-sized boyfriend tee, a breezy tee shirt, layered tanks, a boyfriend blazer, the options are endless. Acid or bleached washes are great trends for the summer, I wouldn't spend tons of cash on them though, they will come and then they'll go. White skinnies are also great for this summer, an absolute perfect pairing with the casual wedge. The perfect skinnies for summer are ankle length, check out the "Ritchie" jean from James Jeans, they are ideal.

If your scared of the skinny, don't be. I have seen girls size 2-12 rock them and they all look very stylish. Knowing the most flattering shirt length can work wonders, if your shirt hits you in the wrong place you can kill the look. Working in retail for some time, I have come across many women who loved the way they looked on others but not on themselves. Many women aren't used to the proportions that they reveal. If you are not used to wearing this type of jean of course it will look and feel a little strange at first but once you get used to the look, you will love them! TRUST ME!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Work the middle, work the middle.


Tell your boyfriend to work it for you, because we are stealing his style!!! The boyfriend look is all you need for casual spring style. The idea behind it is that you rolled outta your boyfriends bed, threw on his tee shirt and jeans, completely avoiding the walk-of-shame, add your little touches of femininity and your ready to start your busy busy day! Starting with jeans or jean shorts, you want them to be relaxed and not too tight, you wouldn't want to be the same size as your bf that's just wrong. Ripped up jeans are still pretty cool but let's make sure they are boot cut and not skinny when it comes to this look. We love the skinny, we just hope your bf isn't wearing them, sorry hipsters, dudes shouldn't rock the skinny. The tuck and roll can be used to give excellent detail to your jeans. It absolutely captures the essence of casual. Shorts should be cuffed and located in the middle of the middle of your leg, booty shorts are just skanky, no one wants to see all that. As for the top, everyone loves a white tee, oversized or not, layering is still appropriate, use vests and tanks to help achieve the layering.

As always accessories are a must:

Boyfriend Watch : Large faced gold or silver linked watch, much like a mans watch. The key to the boyfriend look is the small touches of femininity, buy one with diamonds around the face or a funky faceplate.

Pearls: The perfect touch of femininity.

Long Vintage Necklaces : Take a long necklace and add a cameo, or any unique or vintage pendant.

Costume Rings: The bigger and more sparkle the better. (Let's get a little obnoxious)

Remember anything he can do you can do better.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spice up the Gladiator

So if your an intermediate to advanced fashionista and this will be your third summer rockin' the gladiator, the traditional styles may not be cuttin' it for ya, time to spice up the Spartan sandals. The newer styles for the season incorporate layering, and more fabric covering the top of your feet. The newer styles are great for wearing over skinny jeans,boyfriend jeans or jean shorts. They are a great fusion of the boot and the gladiator. These gladiators are typically cuffed, folded over or both, denim and suede are the ideal fabrics for these different styles. They are super hot and super slouchy, perfect for our casual girl.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gladiators: So epic they get their OWN POST

Spartan Sandals, Gladiators, whatever you call them, they are the SHIZ. There are so many possibilities for the design of these types of sandals and they have really brought casual fashion to a whole different level. Studying fashion history you learn a lot about Ancient Greece; particularly Sparta.

Everyone who has seen the movie 300 knows that they had a powerful government with even more powerful warriors. However, it is the equality between the sexes that has always had me intrigued. Spartan women were educated, athletic, and well respected by their men. They were expected to protect themselves and they were even allowed to own and control their own property. This was so advanced for a civilization to be during this time period. These women were looked upon as strong warriors, athletes, and intellectual companions, much like you would assume women to be like today. So wear your gladiators proudly and remember why we wear them and who we strive to be like. Fashion is no joke - it's symbolic and highly respected and it helps to form the people of our world. Let us be like SPARTA!

Starting from the ground up

No, No, NO!
Worst possible choice for casual footwear : The Sneaker }:o(
If you are not doing something athletic their is no reason to be wearing a sneaker. The only thing a sneaker is designed to go with is athletic clothing, if your wearing them with jeans, shorts, carpi's , or God help us A SKIRT, you just look like a pubescent 12 year old whose starting to get it but isn't quite there yet. In fact I know some 12 year old's who know better and would even gasp in shame when seeing a chick twice their age doing it. We're all about athleticism here and the sporty trend for spring but let's do it right!

The Clear, Flat Choice
They're comfy, easy to slip on, and incredibly trendy, why would you choice sneakers over them? If your having trouble finding comfy ones go up in size or find flats that are fabric rather then leathers, especially patent, leathers tend to have a more narrow top and can squish your toes. Toe cleavage isn't better bustier :o/

Flip FLOP :o(
Yes I know, I love them too, especially some Haviannas, but flip flops are a no this season. Being casually trendy means paying attention to your accessories, jewelery, handbags, and your SHOES rather then your outfit. If your shoe is practically non-existent its just not special enough, lets leave the flip flops to swimwear, what they were meant for.

Pick your WEDGE :o)

Wedges are back and a great way to make your casual boyfriend jeans a little bit more feminine. They're also a great way to give a lift to your short shorts this summer. The best colors to buy for spring are nudes and naturals, or denim! It's the most comfortable heel and easy to walk in and a great way to spice up your casuals. It's absolute classic '70's so don't be scared to make them chunky or vintage, it will only make it better!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. I wanted to prance around NYC in thousand dollar dresses, drink delicious martinis, write about love, fashion, and the love of fashion. I wanted to have brunch in SoHo every Sunday and be able to actually leave work long enough to meet up with my fab friends and have lunch. I mean really who has time for lunch anymore?? I don’t even have time to get dressed!! We are busy hard working girls who just don’t have time to put together a complicated outfit, who gallivants around downtown Philly in a couture dress anyways? No One! Casual keeps us cool and confident, our clothing is our armor let’s learn how to use it! Throw on a tee shirt and pearls and show us your casual side.